Welcome our youngster boy IT*Nimue Boaz

Wondeful Boaz in October 2016



DoB: 4.02.2016         Creme -tabby-spotted/white                             e 09 24


Mother : GIC.Wilhelmina Slater                     Father : IC.S*NC`s Te Amo


Parents: HCM normal


Boaz wurde HCM normal geschallt am 15.3 . 2017


GSD IV - free

PK def - N/N



When i saw Boaz the first time, he was 4 days old. It was a dream, a creme boy for my girls. So i wrote to Michela and Cristiano, let us stay in contact, i fall in love to this sweet boy. I have to wait a long time, but i was sure, i want this boy.Especially when Michela told me, he is the boy with the sweetest character.This s what i want....cozy, sozial cats.

                                                Boaz on Show

 Show  Datum Ergebnis Richter Extra
Fessenheim/France 15.10.2016  ex.1 Mösch  
Fessenheim/Frane 16.10.2016  ex.1 Ventura  
Boaz and his mother Wilhelmina

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