Jellicles Moon Nutcracker " Nutty"


DoB : 26.01.2020                                           EMS: n 24


Mother :S* Zygot´s Banana- Bansheee


Father:S* Ansuz Caterham



Zygot`s Banana-Banshee
Ansuz Caterham



First time i saw him, i was at home sick in quarantine, it was middle of april. But i fall in love with his beautiful boy .
Simona and i , we had so much wonderful messages, that time, first i was sick, the rabies vaccination has to be done and if all was perfect.... London has 14 days quarantine for visitors we had no way to pick him up. The risk for all was to high, so we hat to wait. Two weeks before Simona sends me the message , quarantine for 14 days is cancelled, we can come. Dear Simona, i know it was so hard for you to let him go so far away, but we will take good care of him Today it was only perfect. The flight in the morning, meeting Simona and my sweetheart, check in with Nutty, the flight back home was so relaxed, he was sleeping or purring sometime all together Right now, we are very tired but we are so happy after this adventure to be at home.