IC . S* Entourages Casper

Mein zauberhafter Casper im August 2020



geb. 5.08.2013                        black-tabby/spottet    n 24


Mother : Harley Honeys Ibanez                                Father: Dalkullans Billy Bisquit



GSD IV - frei


PK def  N/N ( 07/2014)


HCM normal geschallt am 27.04.2015 /Fr.Dr. Schlieter Freiburg




Proud parents


Harley Honeys Ibanez & Dalkullans Billy Bisquit





Bildergalerie ab Januar 2020


Caspers Bildergalerie ( bis Dezember 2019  ), er hat sich zu einem Traumkater entwickelt




                                       Casper on Show

Show Datum Ergebnis Richter Extras
Liestal/Swiss 9.05.2015 CAC Ghibaudo  
Düdingen/Swiss 6.06.2015 CAC Bruin  
Neuhausen/Swiss 07.11.2015 CAC A.Nissen BIV
Fessenheim/France 15.10.2016 CACIB Ventura  


16.10.2016 CACIB Henry BIV
Lausen/Schweiz 04.11.2017 CACIB Grob  
Meyenheim/France 18.11.2017 CAGCIB Isakov  








We saw him and we love him and now he is here in our family. We are very happy our adventure trip to sweden ended successful :) .

Mikaela and Daniel we met us at Arlanda Airport. After a short time in my arms, Casper feels good,

starts purring. The time goes by very fast and we had to say good bye, i know it was very hard for Mikaela and Daniel to let Casper go so far away and become a german boy , smile .

We have to say thank you, to Mikaela and Daniel , Casper is a very sozial boy , very interessted in playing and to be close to me most of the time , we are happy to follow his development and some day his first kittens arrive




      We will welcome our new family member S*Entourage´s Casper



Our adventure to pick him up started friday afternoon. We started our trip

to our friends Elli and her family, we could stay the night there. Saturday in the morning

Steffi and i went to the airport in Düsseldorf.

I was a great experience three starts, three landings , three countrys

( on the way back home i have to stopp in Copenhagen and than we start back home to Germany)


We meet Mikaela and Daniel the first time and i have to say "Thank you" for the trust to let Casper

be our sweet boy. We take care of him and you are welcome to visit us.