Welcome PL*Atlas Ulfara

Fari im October 2016
Wonderful Ulfara

Geb. 24.04.2015                                             Farbe -  black-tabby-classic/white


Mother: PL* Bastilla La Bichone ( HCM normal)


Father: N*Fiskerjenta’s Julenatt ( HCM normal )



HCM normal geschallt am 28.07.2016- Dr. Schlieter/Freiburg




PK def  N/N





Our sweet girl..... When i saw her eyes first time, i fall in love. She remember me to my wonderful Käri. She is fantastic, she made a great development and her character is a dream.

She came in my family and she was a home. Already one day after picking her up, she was playing with my cats, like she was here every time.

I am very proud of her and happy she is here in my family

                                           Bildergalerie von Ulfara

Ulfara on show

7.11.2015  Neuhausen- Swiss/ RKVO           ex. 2                             

It was end of june 2015, i was helping a friend, finding her new female, when i saw the first picture of this sweet girl, i fall in love. After another week, she had stolen my heart. And now she is in our family.

We started early saturday morning to Zürich airport. We reached airport Warschau after a good flight, with wonderful moments, morning sun, clouds, fantastic. After having breakfast on the airport, we met Anna, her friend Karolina and our sweet girl Ulfara. After talking ,we made the check in and start back in the afternoon, after one and a half hour reaching airport Zürich.

It was a great experience, we met wonderful persons.


Dear Anna, i know it was very hard to let her go so far but we will ake care for this wonderful ,sweet girl. Thank you for Ulfara

Special thanks to Karolina, making such wonderful photos from our first meeting

Today is second day, Ulfara and her new friends enjoys balkony and giving nosekisses <3 They are fantastic , i am very proud of these cats

More photos from Ulfara with her sisters